I wrote this back when we thought the pandemic would end in May of 2020, lmao.


The blue light shines from the laptop tonight
No real humans to be seen
An urban flat of isolation
In the background, Netflix streams

The quarantine is forcing me to stay inside
Can’t stop eating cheese, heaven knows I’ve tried

Not wearing pants for this meeting
My life is knitting and drinking 
Log in. Zone out. Rinse and repeat
It’s bittersweet

Work from home, work from home
Not going in anymore
Work from home, work from home
Doing pushups on the floor
Social distancing is driving me insane
So I hug myself
And think about my days on the L-train

It’s funny how your work friends
feel like a lost family
Surprise! It turns out you have
office codependency 

Giving my kids a game to play
Making my partner go away
Zooming is new normality
“Can you see me???”

Work from home, work from home
Emails are filling me with dread
Work from home, work from home
For some reason I’ll bake some bread
Puzzles are my new best friend
This is number ten…

I’m doing oddball tasks like sharpening my knife
I’ve never had so many happy hours in my life
These chats with my best friend are much needed support
What I wouldn’t give to be in the airport

Work from home, work from home
I’ll make a schedule for my day
Work from home, work from home
Oh God we might be here through May

This is no way to staycation
When this whole thing ends
I’m going on a 2-week vacation

Filmed with the weirdos at Fallon