Now’s as good a time as any to tell you that the word “read” once knocked me out of a spelling bee.

Growing up, I spent most of my time on the football field. I was the starting tenor sax player. From there, the next natural step was clear: form a ska-punk band named Sax & Violence.
We headlined a Cici's Pizza.

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Fallon, New York
Copywriter, June 2018 - now

Arby’s, Minnesota Timberwolves, Cumberland Farms, Anheuser-Busch/Lime-A-Rita,
The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Silk, BackMarket, Walmart, American Home Shield

Carvana, Los Angeles
Creative Intern, June 2017 - August 2017

VCU Brandcenter
M.S. Copywriting, 2018

And here are some things I did before advertising:

Sold ukuleles, accordions, and harmonica in Hawaii and California
Wrote for GWAR
Worked in an asbestos testing lab???
Lasted three whole shifts at Blockbuster
Worked in sales for years at Circuit City but the bankruptcy is merely a coincidence
Never became a pro wrestler